Oracle Engagement Cloud Smart Data

Oracle Engagement Cloud Smart Data accelerates your account creation by enriching, validating and standardizing high-quality company and address information as it is being entered. High-quality data is imperative for the success of many business efforts, just as bad data often has a high cost due to its direct impact on lost sales, decreased productivity and increased operating costs. With data for more than 300 million companies across the globe and addresses covering more than 245 countries and territories, Oracle Smart Data uses real-time search technology to predict and auto-populate more than 90 company fields with accurate and verified business data that is vital to your sales efforts and your organizations’ success. Oracle Smart Data increases efficiency and productivity across the entire sales workflow without the data-entry hassle. Now that’s smart data!

With Smart Data save 78% on data entry time and reduce data input errors by more than 20%. Achieve better results with quality business and address data you can trust. Enriched, validated, standardized data without the data entry hassle, that's Smart Data.

Smart Data is integrated with Oracle Engagement Cloud. The most comprehensive sales and service solution on the market.

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